Where can I get a pregnancy scan?

Our ultrasound baby scan clinic is located just off J27, M8. We are based in Trillium House, 175 Renfrew Road, PA3 4EF.

How many weeks do I have to be for an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Our Early Pregnancy Scan is from 8 to 14 weeks.

What is an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Our early pregnancy scan checks that the pregnancy is growing in the right place, if there is one baby, twins, triples or more. We check baby’s the heart is beating and everything is looking normal for how many weeks you are.

What is a Wellbeing Scan?

A wellbeing scan can be done in your second or third trimester. We check how baby is growing, the position of your placenta and the fluid around baby. If you are over 24 weeks we will check how the placenta is functioning through the blood flow in baby’s umbilical cord. If you are over 16 weeks & wish to hear baby’s heartbeat at this scan, just ask your sonographer and she will let you listen to it. We will also show you as much of baby as we can, depending on the position of your baby and your gestation at the time of your scan.

Can I book a reassurance scan?

If you are 8-14 weeks we would recommend an Early Pregnancy Scan, if you are 14-40 weeks we would recommend a Wellbeing Scan.

How many weeks for a Gender Scan?

We can check baby’s gender from 16 weeks.

When is the best time for 3D and 4D baby scans?

Our 3D and 4D ultrasound scans can be carried out 24-32 weeks, at Elite Ultrasound we say the optimum time is 27-29 weeks, this is due to baby’s size and volume of amniotic fluid around baby. Once you are beyond 32 weeks and progress further into the third trimester it can be a little more difficult to get a clear view of baby’s face, due to fetal lie and baby’s size.

What is the difference between 3D and 4D baby scans?

3D baby scans show a still image of baby in 3 dimensions. 4D baby scans show the 3D moving image.

How can I get clear 3D or 4D pictures?

To get the best 3D/4D baby pictures we need lots of amniotic fluid around baby’s face, baby needs to be facing your tummy or to your side, just not your back. Try to book 24-32 weeks. The location of your placenta can affect image quality e.g. if baby is hiding behind it, we may not be able to clearly see all of baby’s face. Everyone’s tissue type is different and ultrasound travels different through people, so the clarity of images alters person to person, also higher BMI’s may result in poorer image quality.

Can I hear my baby’s heartbeat at my ultrasound scan appointment?

At Elite Ultrasound we can let you hear baby’s heartbeat from 16 weeks, just ask your sonographer to let you listen.

Do I get pictures to take away at my scan?

Yes, we will print pictures for you to take away with you at your baby scan appointment.

Can I still have a 3D or 4D baby scan if I do not want to find out baby’s gender?

Yes, just say to your sonographer that you do not want to find out baby’s gender.

Do I need to have seen my GP or midwife before I book a scan?

No, if you have had a positive pregnancy test and your last menstrual period was 8 weeks ago, we are happy to scan you.

If you are experiencing any acute pain or bleeding we recommend that you first call your local Early Pregnancy Department.

Who will do my scan?

Your scan will be performed by one of our radiographers or midwives, all our sonographers are qualified to a minimum of PgC in Obstetric Ultrasound and are registered with either hcpc-uk.org or nmc.org.uk.

Is ultrasound safe for my baby?

Ultrasound Scanning is considered to be a safe diagnostic tool, with no evidence that is has produced any harm to patients in the previous 40 years (BMUS, 2012). All scans are performed with the ALARA principle and by highly experienced staff ensuring all safety measures are adhered to.

See https://www.bmus.org/static/uploads/resources/Statement_for_the_General_Public_on_the_Safety_of_Medical_Ultrasound_Imaging_Sept_2017.pdf

Do I still need to attend my hospital appointments and ultrasound scans?

Yes, our scans are in addition to all your GP, midwife, scan, and hospital appointments.

How do I pay for my baby scan?

You can pay when booking via PayPal, or at your appointment we accept card or cash.

How many people can I bring to my scan?

The maximum number of people you can bring to your appointment is 6, please note any children that attend are included in the maximum number.

Can I bring children with me?