Wellbeing Scan

Wellbeing Scan

Wellbeing Scan

Our Wellbeing Scan allows you check baby’s size and presentation. This scan will show you your baby’s heartbeat, from 16 weeks we will let you hear baby’s heartbeat.

  • 14-40wks
  • Confirmation of heartbeat (hear baby’s heartbeat 16-40wks)
  • Presentation (head down, head up etc.)
  • Baby’s size (biometry)
  • Placenta location (anterior, posterior etc.)
  • 2D printed pictures
  • Baby’s gender from 16 weeks to 40 weeks, just let us know if you would like us to check.

At a wellbeing scan you can ask us look at baby’s gender (16-40 weeks gestation).  However if we are unable to determine baby’s gender, due to the position of baby, we will not offer a repeat or refund as this is not the sole purpose of the scan.


Wellbeing Scan 1

Scan Overview

Our Wellbeing Scan aims to check babies in the second and third trimester.  This scan can also be known as a reassurance scan or growth scan.  During a wellbeing pregnancy scan we will check baby’s position; if baby is cephalic (head down), breech etc., we will measure baby’s head circumference, abdominal circumference and femur length.  These measurements are known as baby’s biometry and can be used to give an estimated weight of baby.  We also check where baby’s placenta is (anterior placenta or posterior placenta) and how it is working with the aid of doppler ultrasound (from 24 weeks gestation).  During a wellbeing scan you can hear baby’s heartbeat from 16 weeks, just as your sonographer if you wish to hear baby’s heartbeat.  Also, if you wish to check baby gender at a wellbeing scan just ask your sonographer to have a look.  The main aim of a private wellbeing scan is to provide you with reassurance that baby is growing & developing normally and aid in bonding with your baby.  

Wellbeing Scan 2
Wellbeing Scan 3

Purpose of Scan

The purpose of a private ultrasound scan from 16 to 40 weeks is to provide expectant parents with reassurance that baby is growing and developing normally for how many weeks they are.  At a wellbeing scan we measure baby to check its growth and estimated weight are normal for baby’s gestation.  We check the amniotic fluid around baby is within normal range and that the placenta is working properly for baby’s wellbeing.

Wellbeing Scan 4
Wellbeing Scan 5

What to Expect

Once you arrive at our custom-made ultrasound clinic located in Paisley, just off M8 Glasgow you will be greeted by our receptionist.  She will then show you to the ultrasound scan room.  You will lie on your back and the sonographer will place ultrasound gel on your baby bump.  The sonographer will use an ultrasound probe to check baby’s position, size, fluid and placenta.  If you wish the sonographer to show you baby in 3D or 4D just ask her to give you a little peak of baby’s face in 3D/4D.  The sonographer will give you a report on baby and printed pictures of baby after your scan.  During your wellbeing scan at Elite Ultrasound you can hear baby’s heartbeat, if you wish a heartbeat bear these can be purchased and taken away with you after your wellbeing scan.  Heartbeat bears include a recording of baby’s heartbeat are available from 16 weeks up to 40 weeks.

Wellbeing Scan 6