Gender Scan

Wellbeing Scan and Gender Scan

Gender Scan

Our Gender Scan will reveal if your baby is a boy or girl.

  • 16-40wks , 15 minute appointment 
  • Hear baby’s heartbeat
  • Measure baby’s size
  • Baby’s gender
  • 2D printed pictures



Wellbeing & Gender Scan 1

Scan Overview

A Wellbeing & Gender baby scan determines baby’s sex whilst providing an assessment of baby’s wellbeing.  A wellbeing and gender scan can also be known as a reassurance scan and gender, growth scan plus gender, gender scan or baby sexing scan.  During gender determination scans the sonographer will view baby’s genital area and dependant on what the sonographer sees they are able to say if baby looks like a boy or girl.  The wellbeing of baby is paramount at this baby scan and baby will be measured and looked over to check foetal wellbeing and reassure parents to be on the pregnancy.  At our gender scan and wellbeing scan we provide printed pictures for you to take away.  Our pregnancy wellbeing & gender scan is from 16 weeks to 40 weeks. 

Wellbeing & Gender Scan 2

Purpose of Scan

Wellbeing & Gender baby scan aims to offer reassurance on how the pregnancy is developing by checking over baby’s growth and assessing your baby’s sex.  This pregnancy scan will determine baby’s gender and inform parents if baby looks like a boy or girl on the baby’s scan.  If you are planning a gender reveal just let your sonographer know at the start of your appointment and she can put baby’s sex it in a sealed envelope.  At a wellbeing & gender determination scan you can hear baby’s heartbeat, just ask your sonographer if you would like to hear your baby’s heart beating via ultrasound. 

Wellbeing & Gender Scan 3

What to Expect

A Wellbeing & Gender baby scan appointment is 15 minutes.  During this time the sonographer will assess how your pregnancy is progressing by preforming a growth scan on baby, assessing amniotic fluid, placenta and baby’s movement.  Your sonographer will report her baby scan findings to you.  During the gender determination the sonographer will view the “potty shot” to check if baby’s sex looks male or female.  Once your baby ultrasound scan is completed the sonographer will print 4 2D (black and white) pictures of baby for you to take away.