4D Baby Scan

4D Wellbeing Scan

4D Baby Scan

Our 4D Baby Scan lets you see your baby in 3D and 4D. You will take away 3D printed pictures and 4D movie clips of your baby.

  • 24 – 32 weeks, 20 minute appointment
  • Hear baby’s heartbeat
  • Baby’s position
  • Baby’s size
  • Placental assessment
  • 3D printed pictures
  • 2 minutes of 4D clips and 10 x 3D digital pictures

***In the event we are unable to provide 4D clips or 3D pictures you may only be charged for the wellbeing scan, £60.


Scan Overview

A wellbeing & 4D baby scan checks over baby to assess baby’s growth and create 4D video clips of baby with 3D baby scan photos.  A wellbeing & 4D baby scan can also be referred to as; reassurance plus 4D scan, growth scan & 4D scan & 4D ultrasound scan.  4D baby scans add a moving dimension to 3D scans allowing you to have moving clips of your baby.  The optimal time for a 4D baby scan is 24 weeks to 32 weeks pregnant.  A pregnancy wellbeing and 4D scan provides you with reassurance that can enhance maternal wellbeing and provides you with 4D baby scan clips, 3D baby scan pictures and a report of how baby is growing and developing at this stage in your pregnancy.

Wellbeing & 4D Scan 1

Purpose of Scan

Our Wellbeing and 4D baby scan will check if your baby’s position is cephalic (head down), breech or back to back, we will measure the size of your baby’s head, tummy and upper leg, this will allow us to give you an estimated weight for how many weeks you are in your pregnancy.  4D technology will allow you to see baby clearly, showing you baby’s features in 3D/4D ultrasound scan technology.  We will create 4D clips of baby and save them on to USB for you to take away from your private ultrasound scan. 

Wellbeing & 4D Scan 2

What to Expect

For the duration of your private wellbeing & 4D scan you will be within our ultrasound scan room, with a 42” screen for you to clearly see baby on scan.  You will be lying on your back, while the sonographer sits beside you scanning your tummy.  During your 4D baby scan the sonographer will check baby’s growth and create 3D & 4D baby pictures for you to take away.  After your pregnancy scan you will receive 4 printed 3D baby scan photos and 4D baby clips on USB.  The sonographer will give you a wellbeing pregnancy report on baby’s size, weight, position.  Throughout your pregnancy scan you will be at ease in our ultrasound clinic located in Paisley, servicing Glasgow & Paisley with private ultrasound baby scans.