3D Baby Scan

3D Wellbeing Scan

3D Baby Scan

Our 3D Baby Scan lets you see 3D images of your baby and gives you and estimation of baby’s weight.

  • 24 – 32 weeks, 15 minute appointment
  • Hear baby’s heartbeat
  • Check baby’s position; head up, head down etc.
  • Measure baby’s size and estimate weight
  • Placental assessment
  • 4 x 3D printed pictures
  • 10 digital 3D pictures

***In the event we are unable to provide 3D pictures you may only be charged for the wellbeing scan, £60


Scan Overview

A wellbeing & 3D scan is to check over baby and provide you with amazing 3D scan pictures from your pregnancy to treasure forever.  During the wellbeing scan we will check baby’s size, the fluid volume around baby, let you hear baby’s heartbeat, check baby’s position and how the placenta is working.  For 3D ultrasound we will need baby to cooperate and show us its face so we can get you the clearest baby scan pictures possible.  On a 3D baby scan you can see baby smile/ yawn, cover its face with its hands & feet, it just depends what position baby is in for your 3D baby ultrasound scan. This private scan can also be called growth scan & 3D scan, reassurance scan & 3D scan and 3D scan.

Wellbeing & 3D Scan 1

Purpose of Scan

The purpose of a wellbeing & 3D pregnancy scan is to measure baby’s growth and get 3D pictures of baby.  3D baby ultrasound scans are performed from 24 weeks to 32 weeks pregnant.  During this second and third trimester baby scan we aim to get 3D pictures of baby, after your scan you are given printed 3D baby scan pictures & 3D digital baby scan pictures on USB.  You will be given a scan report of baby.  This wellbeing & 3D scan will provide you with information on how your pregnancy is progressing, baby’s size and aid with maternal bonding.

Wellbeing & 3D Scan 2

What to Expect

Appointment length for a wellbeing & 3D baby ultrasound scan is 15 minutes.  During this pregnancy 3D scan you will lie on your back and the sonographer will move the ultrasound transducer around your baby bump.  The ultrasound sonographer will measure baby’s head circumference, abdominal circumference and thigh bone.  The sonographer will also check foetal lie, the fluid around baby and the placenta (anterior or posterior placenta).  We will also show you baby using 3D ultrasound technology, providing you with 3D baby scan pictures to treasure.  Private 3D & Wellbeing scans are preformed from 24 weeks to 32 weeks pregnant.