Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Scan

This is your chance to see your baby for the first time. This scan will confirm pregnancy viability, number of baby(s) and how many weeks you are.

  • 8-14wks
  • Confirm heartbeat
  • Baby number
  • Estimated gestation
  • 2D printed pictures


Scan Overview

Our first trimester scan aims to provide you with reassurance that your pregnancy is developing normally. Our early pregnancy scan is from 8 weeks to 14 weeks, from 8 weeks gestation ultrasound scans are able to check baby is located within your womb, how many babies; single, twins, triplets etc. and check that baby’s heart is beating. During your early pregnancy scan at Elite Ultrasound we can show you baby’s heart beating on our 42” screen, providing you with reassurance in our private ultrasound clinic serving Glasgow & Paisley.

Early Pregnancy Scan 1

Purpose of Scan

The aim of our early pregnancy scan, also known as a dating scan or viability scan, is to provide you with reassurance that the pregnancy is progressing well and that baby is growing & developing normally for its gestation.  We stipulate 8 weeks from your last period to ensure that we are able to perform a full early pregnancy scan abdominally (tummy scan), checking how many babies, that your baby’s heart is beating and how many weeks you are.  After your ultrasound scan, we provide you with a report and printed pictures to take away with you; this can help promote bonding with your baby.

Early Pregnancy Scan 2

What to Expect

On entering our bespoke ultrasound clinic, you will be greeted by our receptionist, you will then enter our scan room with a 42” tv screen for you to meet your baby.  The sonographer performing your private ultrasound scan will ask you your expected due date or how many weeks you are.  During the baby scan you will be lying on your back; the sonographer will place ultrasound gel on your tummy and use an ultrasound probe to scan your tummy.  She may be quiet at first while she checks how your pregnancy is developing; she will then explain what she is seeing on the scan and inform you of your results.  After your scan you will receive printed pictures of baby to take away with you.  The appointment length for our private early pregnancy scan is 15 minutes.